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市ヶ谷駅から徒歩2分のコワーキングスペース!Digima〜出島〜BASE 市ヶ谷駅近のコワーキングスペース!Digima〜出島〜BASE レンタルスペースもある。市ヶ谷駅から徒歩2分のコワーキングスペース!Digima〜出島〜BASE ソファーでゆったりできる市ヶ谷駅から徒歩2分のコワーキングスペース!Digima〜出島〜BASE 快適なオフィス、市ヶ谷駅から徒歩2分のコワーキングスペース!Digima〜出島〜BASE

"Learning", "Meeting" and "Workplace"
are necessary for overseas business

[2 minutes from Ichigaya station, Free Wi-Fi and coffee]
DIGIMA BASE serves as a comfortable working environment.


Concept About DIGIMA BASE

"Dejima" in the modern era

When Japan implemented the Policy of Isolation during the Edo period,
the island in Nagasaki called “Dejima” was the only place that welcomed
international exchange in Japan. It was the only gateway to Japan of
the outside world. It has been said that the information and technology
that was brought over through “Dejima” from overseas had a great impact
and influence on Japan.

Digima-BASE aims to be the modern “Dejima”, a gateway and a platform for international businesses. Similar to the infamous island of Dejima in the past, our co-working space provides necessary information and services (learning), networks (meetings), and workspaces (workplaces) for overseas businesses.

The “Global Market”, which should be the goal of Japanese companies from now on, cannot be reached and attained by the individual alone. Regardless of financial profits, Digima-BASE plans to connect Japan to the rest of the world and bridge cross-border business activities.

Through information sharing and exchange, Digima-Base will assist in the business expansion of Japanese companies overseas to our utmost effort.


"Creating 10,000 successful Japanese companies in the world"

Founded in 2011, Digima ~ Dejima ~ provides necessary services for overseas businesses. We have been one of the largest overseas business support platforms in Japan where all information, services and support are being gathered.

To date we have been offering a wide range of overseas business support, including a total of more than 13,000 free consulting services for overseas business expansion, arrangements for overseas inspection tours, overseas business seminars, dissemination of local business information, and overseas business events.

Entitled "Digima ~ Dejima ~", our service is a combination of "Dejima” in Nagasaki and the "Digital marketplace". We aim to create a "Dejima" in contemporary Japan, breaking down barriers for Japanese businesses overseas and promoting an open-minded Japan in the context of globalization.

Space guide

Space Guide

An environment that promotes overseas business

Located in front of Ichigaya station, Digima-BASE offers 100 seats for co-working spaces and as a venue for overseas business events.


Coworking | Open space with 75 seats

  • Workplace
  • Meetings

An open space is enhanced by plate-glass windows. It can be used as a workplace by independent worker, as a meeting space for a team or as an event venue that can accommodate up to 100 people.


Seminars / Event Venues | Open Space

  • Learning
  • Meetings

There are two seminar rooms, one with a capacity of 80 people and the other with a capacity of 30 people. Screens, projectors and speakers are also available.


Meeting room 1 Large(10 people) 2 Small (4 people each)

  • Workplace

For teleconference, we supply a monitor, whiteboard, electric outlets, Internet connection, clock.




User Guide

It is used by people engaged in overseas business in various ways.

Coworking member

Co-working member Drop-in member
Opening hours AM9:00〜PM21:00 AM10:00〜PM19:00(Weekday only)
Fee ¥21,980/month 1Day:¥2,200
Membership fee ¥11,000 Free
Membership Card issuing charge ¥3,300 Free
Copy machine charge B&W:¥11/page
Locker charge ¥3,300~¥5,500/month
Corporate registration ¥11,000/month
Post receiaving service ¥4,400/month
Conference room charge ¥550/h(Small)


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In the co-working space, Digima ~ Dejima ~ BASE specializes in overseas business. We provide "learning", "meeting" and "workplace" which are necessary for overseas business. "We want to serve as a co-working space" "We want to hold events for overseas business" "We want to publicize our company by using BASE" etc. For inquiries to Digima-Dejima-BASE and tour reservation, please apply the form below.

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3F, Otemachi-Ichigaya Building, 2-1, Ichigaya-Hachiman-Cyo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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